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Don’t Be Tricked By These 7 Dangerous Foods for Pets

Fall is here, and people are beginning to bake their favorite holiday goodies, filling the house with decadent aromas. Relatives are visiting, and in the hustle and bustle, your pet is surrounded by delicious food smells, hoping that someone will share, or he can grab a sample. However, many holiday treats contain ingredients that can [...]

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Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets

In the heat of summer, we enjoy getting outdoors for our favorite warm-weather activities. Including our pets in the summer fun can be tricky, especially for pets who have flat faces, thick coats, excess weight, or medical conditions. But, with our list of hot weather do’s and don’ts, you can help your pets safely enjoy [...]

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It’s in the Air: Atopy in Pets

Atopy, or inhalant or environmental allergy, will soon be making its springtime appearance as blooming flowers, budding trees, and spring plantings fill the air with pollen, mold, and dust. This common cause of skin issues in pets occurs when particular proteins, or allergens, enter the body through inhalation or direct contact. Inhalant allergies often are [...]

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